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  • sivam-hersh



    Entrepreneur, technologist, public speaker, and founder of several companies, Asim is a well-known pioneer in the software, technology outsourcing and digital media industries for over 25 years. Asim has been instrumental in establishing numerous ground-breaking technology companies in diverse sectors such as professional services Outsourcing, Neural Networks Technology, Fintech , Regtech and cloud computing.

    A sampling of ventures Asim has founded, co-founded, or funded include: Infosun Technology, Riskwatch International, HAL Media Lab, AgoraNet, and OneWorld.

  • Pradeep Reddy Photo

    Pradeep Reddy

    Managing Director

    Mr. Reddy is the Managing Director of Infosun’s offshore operations. He is widely recognized as a pioneer of the Information Technology revolution in India and has been at the forefront of the industry since 1982. With a distinguished career spanning 25 years and 3 continents, Mr. Reddy is a proven innovator who knows how to produce results.

    Mr. Reddy started his career at Carnegie- Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he headed the Hardware Group at PERQ Systems, a pioneer in commercial workstations, before returning to India. Mr. Reddy occupied senior positions at OMC Computers in India, where he helped develop CAD/CAM and simulation products. Mr. Reddy headed OMC when it grew to a 400+ person company and is an acknowledged leader in CAD/CAM.

  • curtis-hadcock

    Curtis Johnson

    VP, Client Engagement

    He plays a key role in ensuring the quality of deliverables and focuses on building teams to enable the delivery of our solutions. He has experience leading all aspects of software development including process improvement, project predictability, team efficiency and engagement.

    Curtis has experience in mobility, cloud and enterprise application development. His military background has provided him with security awareness and a proven ability to lead and motivate high performance teams.

  • Tapan Shanty

    Tapan Shanty

    Delivery Manager

    A technologist, motivator with more than two decades of IT industry experience in developing and delivering solutions in various domains. He works closely with the clients and Infosun Offshore team to ensure smooth and quality delivery.

    Mr. Tapan starts his career as a developer and gained technical as well as management experience. Has extensive expertise in various processes like Project/Program Management, Six Sigma, and Conflict Management. He is recognized for his problem solving, client relationship, team management, and Project/program management skills. He leads teams to achieve excellence in customer service through relentless customer focus, rigor in service and product delivery, and proactive value addition.

  • untitled-1

    Samba Reddy

    Head Logistics & Transportation

    10+ years of software engineering experience in analysis, design, development of Enterprise software applications and interfaces. Has immense experience in the design and architecture of large scale applications. An excellent executive with strong problem solving and analytical skills as well as a broad range of understanding in various industries, Samba is able to quickly adapt to complex systems and detect opportunities for improvements.

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